Our mission and goal is to help fpv pilots around the world amateurs or pros we want to help any way we can, whether it’s a $100 gas card to get you to your next flying spot or a plane ticket to get you to your next shoot/ event! Every month we will be helping a few people with gas cards, plane tickets, frames, electronics, camera gear etc while still providing the highest quality t-shirt and accessories every month, FPV LUX is more than a subscription, it's a movement! FPV LUX will be partnering with pilots around the world and some of the top companies to bring you exclusive one of a kind graphic t-shirts and accessories! We look forward in helping you any way we can!

Past BotGrinder bag

Past stingersswarm bag

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A curated collection of FPV swag and accessories featuring some of the Best FPV pilots and companies, delivered to your door every month!



Sure, the "mystery" design thing can be a little scary, but you're in good hands with the Lux Team. See for yourself.


Past limited designs while supplies last



What is FPVLUX?


FPVLUX is a monthly subscription made by FPV enthusiasts just like yourself! Each month we carefully Design a unique one of a kind never to be produced again T-Shirt, Along with an assorment of FPV accessories and send them right to your doorstep. Subscribe for yourself or simply give one as a gift! Don't forget, we also give away random FPV accessories such as , GiftCards, Motors, full frame kits etc. To few lucky subscribers, each month!


How much does it cost?


The cost of your monthly FPVLUX Bag is Only $20+Shipping per month, You can cancel anytime no questions asked! 99% of our customers say the T-Shirt alone is worth $25!


When are subscriptions shipped and billed?


We ship each month between the 20th and 28th as stated during the checkout process, and subscriptions are automatically renewed on the 22th of the month. Cutoff to get the current FPVLUX Bag is the 15th, otherwise you will receive next months themed bag if purchased after the 15th


How do I update payment information?


First log into your dashboard and click on Manage Subscriptions at the top, Next click on the Payment information tab, Once in payment infomation you should see CHANGE PAYMENT INFORMATION, From there you can change your billing card. If you have any questions shoot us an email fpvlux@gmail.com


What is the cancellation/return policy?


Just like you, we are human and either change our minds, or a mistake has been made. In your account settings you are free to cancel or skip a renewal at any time before your bag has been shipped. Please email us at fpvlux@gmail.com if you do not want to receive your current bag. We are very quick to respond and more than happy to help you out! We do not accept returns, however. If you find something is damaged, please contact us and we'll be happy to get a replacement out to you.  


Do you ship internationally?


Yes! However, we cannot offer free international shipping at this time. We have worked closely with USPS to bring you the best rates possible, but please expect duties/fees at customs and a longer wait for your subscription to arrive sometimes up to 4-9 weeks. These packages are often held up in outgoing customs as well as incoming customs once the package arrives in your destination country. All shipping methods are generally challenged by the fact that the package is handed from USPS to the local postal service of your destination country. This "hand-off" often creates delays and issues with solid tracking information which we are not responsible for. Please take the additional time and fees into consideration before subscribing!


What Subscribers are saying

A tear to my eye

Got the bag in today was expecting a tool and a t shirt .but boy was I wrong. I got a cool t-shirt a Keychain a very nice radio neck strap some solder stickers and 5 percent off at pyro. but what dropped out next made me tear up a lil. I am now the proud owner of a 5 inch hyper light freerange frame that allso came in the fpvlux bag I crashed my 5 inch Mos ago and just haven't been able to afford 1. I would have never thought I would have gotten a 60.00 frame in a 20 dollar bag.just think taking PBandJ to work for the month or in some cases just a couple days and fpvlux is yours. THANK you fpvlux for making something so affordable for me to look forward to every month HAPPY safe flying

Indiana drones

Uniquely awesome unicorn

Yes uniquely yours and limited edition that in the hobby making the bag a unicorn. Having a bag each month is just awesome and great quality. Not only you getting a t-shirt that sends a limited edition statement you are getting a limited item that is not found no where else in most cases. The fpvlux crew listens and delivers with feature pilots and support for the hobby. Keep up the awesome work.



Good gear and a good cause!

I love the idea behind this and the bag this month was awesome! (Kick it with Cricket) Can't wait for the Ummagawd bag! Keep up the great work y'all!



High Quality and great cause!

Been a subscriber for 3 months now and every monthly bag has been super awesome for the value! An exclusive high quality T-shirt unique to Lux members only, sick slaps, tools and special extras with proceeds going back to the community the organization fosters! It's too dope to pass up! 🤘🏿🔥

Olorun FPV (Keith)


FPV LUX sign up Deadline